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Mike & Dixie Miller

Dixie was born in 1948 on the Island of Guam where her father was stationed with the United States Marines. She was six weeks old when her family retuned to the United States. She grew up on military bases, most of them in California.

During the Vietnam conflict, she worked at the Long Beach Naval Hospital from 1967-1969 sending and receiving messages and locating next-of-kin. She met her husband Michael in 1971 about 18 months after he returned from Vietnam where he served in the Army 4th infantry division. He was working as an engineer. They were married in 1974.

Mike died of cancer in 1991 but it wasn’t until 1998 that she began receiving compensation from the VA as a dependant spouse of a veteran of military service. It was then that she was informed that his illness and subsequent death could be related to his exposure to Agent Orange.

During her research to become better informed on the effects of AO, she began to see a correlation between the facts she uncovered and the health problems of her daughter Michelle. Information the disease as they relate to children of veterans infected is very limited, as the U.S. government has not devoted much time to this area. Other countries have, however, and more information is coming to light.

One of her goals is to help people become more aware of the potential health dangers to the children of Vietnam Veterans.