A Parade For Everyone

Veteran's Day
First Appeared in the Long Beach Press Telegram on Friday, November 5, 1999


Veterans Day is almost a week way, but this is our last chance to remind you of a special way to commemorate a holiday that gets too little attention. There is going to be an old-fashioned parade on Saturday Morning in North Long Beach.

Preceding the parade at 9:45 AM there will be a demonstration by the Los Angeles Police Department's Motorized Drill Team. Then the march will begin at Atlantic Avenue and Harding Street, proceed south to Market Street, then loop back to Houghton Park. Among the guests will be Charlie Tuna and Fran Tunno of KLAC radio, and the grand marshal will be KTLA newscaster Stan Chambers. The parade will include the Marine Corps Band from Twenty-nine Palms, other marching bands, helicopters and military vehicles.

Another other special guests will be two Long Beach women, Karen Olszewski and Genevieve Douglass, who share a special bond. Their husbands died in their mid-40s of a form of cancer associated with exposure to Agent Orange, a foliage-killer used by our military forces in Vietnam. The two women are the founders of the Agent Orange Widows Awareness Coalition.

If military music and weaponry stir your soul, this event is for you. If they do not, then there's another kind of opportunity for you: Pay your respects to the Agent Orange widows and to all the other Americans who have sacrificed so much for your sake and ours.

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