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The funeral is over

The support system that was so faithful during the first difficult days has all but disappeared.

Your boss wants you back at work.


Well meaning friends offer words of "comfort" that only feel like salt in your wounds.

Now you're beginning to get the general impression from others that it's time for you to "get on with your life".


But How is that possible when grief and despair are constant and painful companions?

Even the smallest decisions seem impossible to make and the road ahead appears hopelessly dark...

Why New Hope?
New Hope was started in 1986 by Susan Beeney, RN. Through Susan's personal and professional experiences of loss she felt the true devastation of grief. Susan saw tremendous need for a supportive and understanding environment in which to work through grief's overwhelming dynamics. She set out to provide resources for both those who are grieving and those who are part of the support system. Combining extensive research and education with a wealth of experience, Susan introduced New Hope Grief Support Community Handbook, a staple tool in the New Hope Community.

More about New Hope
The headquarters of New Hope is located in Long Beach, California. Staff and volunteers are committed to working with those who are directly or indirectly impacted by grief. In addition to support groups, New Hope offers seminars, and speakers are available for related topics. Training is also available for those who are interested in becoming a grief support group facilitator. New Hope is a non-profit organization. Through tax-deductible contributions, more New Hope Grief Support Groups can be established to reach the grieving community.
You need to know that you're not alone.
New Hope Grief Support Community exists to offer you the help and hope that you so desperately need as you deal with the death of your loved-one. Through eight weekly support group sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk through the pain and sadness of loss in an understanding and supportive environment. Each group is led by one of our trained grief support group facilitators, who have firsthand experience with death and grief. At New Hope, you will learn about the stages, phases of grieving, and the principles of mourning. You will be cared for in a supportive community where you will have the freedom to be just where you are in your grief experience. We will give you the tools you need to help you move forward.